Adriana Marie

Founder and Creative Director  

Op. F.A.C.E.

Operation Fans of Art, Culture, and Expression



About Me

 My name is Adriana Marie, but you can call me "Amarie". I'm from Long Beach, CA and I'm a professional dancer, speaker, artist, model, and stylist. I define myself as intelligent, creative, motivated, and dedicated. I truly enjoy interacting with others and collaborating to exude one's true passion. My true passion? Definitely Art and Entertainment. I live for delivering a great show, whether it's through a dance performance or a public speech, and I believe Art enhances us as individuals and taps in to our creative spirit.


I knew I had a knack for being in front of an audience when I was about 5 years old. I would always get up in front of my family and show out. I would sing and dance, or recite a line from "Family Matters" or "Full House". It was something about the attention. It was natural and inherent. It was also the start of participating in numerous school plays, pageants, and ensembles. My speaking and dancing abilities led me to become captain of the cheerleading and dance team all 4 years of high school at St. Anthony. I was also captain of the Recruit team, the position entailed traveling to different schools and speaking to students about how exciting my high school was.


After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue dancing full time, training and specializing in Hip~Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, and Krump. I enrolled in Long Beach City College and trained with notable dancers like Stephanie Powell and Sheree King. I've also worked with Tommy the Clown, Shane Sparks, and Tijuana Jones. I eventually landed an agent with DDO Artist agency, now known as MTA. Many doors were opened for me and I appeared in many movies and videos, and had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in the industry. I also connected with different Speakers Bureaus through companies and organizations, and became a member of Toastmasters, and I primarily benefited with connections and networking through these moves. I have also been in numerous fashion shows as well, and I have worked with many up and coming designers. 


Years later, I made the decision to teach and share my gifts, talents, and abilities with children and teenagers. I admire our younger generations, and I'm thrilled to assist them in reaching their goals through personal and creative positive expression. I choreograph dance routines, define musicality, assist with Art classes, provide instruction on how to enhance speaking and improvisation skills, and how to connect with an audience through different techniques. I also provide tutoring in Algebra, English, and Economics. I want the community to benefit through my mission: to educate, inspire, and motivate. I am fascinated, intrigued, and interested in all things Art and Culture, so I created "Op. F.A.C.E." Operation: Fans of Art, Culture, and Expression. We express ourselves through many "faces" as individuals. We literally show people when we are happy, or sad, moved, or frustrated, all through our face and how we express that specific emotion. The same goes for my organization: it offers a variety of "faces" under the Art umbrella, and the Creativity umbrella, and the Fashion umbrella, and the Speaking umbrella. There are so many ways to express ourselves.


Currently, I work at many schools and studios, including: Psalm 30:11 dance studio, Staige Presence Dance Studio, Live Action, and I speak at various schools in the Anaheim Union HS District. I also formed a professional dance troupe called "Cap*Ture" that performs regularly in lovely Hollywood, and I am working on forming another troupe by the name of "Black Gems".  I have also teamed up with the Company Herbalife to promote healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and fitness. I am the Co~Owner of "Herbadancers", along with Anna Bernice Esparza and Laila Saleh. The mission of Herbadancers is to host dance workshops and promote healthy and active lifestyles. We also meet with clients, assist in weightloss, and get fit through dance.


Everyday, I continue to develop and master my craft through various showcases, events, and performances. God has truly blessed me, and I feel it is my mission to help others bring out their inner creative and artistic spirit.


Op. F.A.C.E.: Operation Fans of Art, Culture, and Expression. Move with Me.


Love, Blessings, and Success,



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